Prudhoe Bay and Back

Over July 4, 2007 we drove to the Prudhoe Bay oil fields and back to our home in Fairbanks, Alaska.  We spent 5 nights out and had perfect weather except at Deadhorse where is got down to 35 and was windy and foggy.  This is a 1,000 mile round trip.  We traveled the Elliot Highway to Livengood where we picked up the Dalton Highway and proceeded north to Deadhorse.  Deadhorse is an industrial town on the southern edge of the oil fields and as far as you can proceed in your private rig.  We took a bus tour of the oil fields that included a stop at the Arctic Ocean.  The Dalton Highway varied from great to horrible.  We carried two spares for both rigs as well as for the trailer.  Didn't need any of them.

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